from Richard DeSylva

Richard DeSylva, RH, DNM, Rockwood, Ontario, Canada.

A most interesting book the history & manifold uses for the incredible Neem tree from India. Klaus Ferlow has done a masterful job of detailing the various compounds in the amazing plant and of the ever increasing uses researchers are finding to cure the ailments of both animals and humankind. I intend to keep this on my book shelf for the wealth  of information, especially the references and Associations contained in the last section of the book.

from Dr. Zoltan Rona

Dr. Zoltan Rona, M.D., M.Sc, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

Neem products are amazing natural tools for returning the chronically ill to excellent health. This book is a well-researched treasure. High praise to Klaus for doing a tremendous job alerting us to the many therapeutic wonders of the Neem tree.

from Dr. David Schleich

Dr. David Schleich, PhD, former President & CEO of the Canadian Naturopathic College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon, USA

Klaus Ferlow is remarkable scholar, pioneering businessman, teacher, researcher and health care politics advocate and commentator. His substantially knowledge of the universe of the Neem plant, coupled with the rigor of scholarship he has clearly brought a gift to us with the text as robust as this one, accumulated in a book which every botanical medicine professional, as well as their patients and clients, should study with care and alacrity.

Klaus: You are an inspiration, so many activities, so engaged, wonderful. The NEEM community is very lucky indeed to have you so present as an advocate, champion and pioneer researcher and presenter.

from Dr. Shiv Chopra

Dr. Shiv Chopra, formerly with Health Canada, Manotick, Ontario, Canada,

During my growing up in India, children used to get all kinds of skin and stomach infections. Back then, antibiotics were not yet invented to prevent such infections. In my own family I was delegated to pluck fresh leaves off a Neem tree, grind them up into a decoction, and let everyone drink half a cup of it, daily, for three weeks. Result: no boils, no diarrhea, and absolutely no side effects! Such is the “Nature’s Gift to Humanity” the Neem offers. This is a gift of Neem that Klaus Ferlow conveys in his book.

Everyone should read it!

from Dr. Neil McKinney

Dr. Neil McKinney, ND, BSc., Professor of Naturopathic Oncology, Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Thank you for this lucid and comprehensive book on Neem. Your scholarship illuminates a brilliant medicine. Neem has been a boon in my clinic practice and my garden.



from Barbara Jean Buckley

Barbara Jean Buckley, PhD, Health Researcher, Ethicist, Canada

Good Morning, Klaus,

I have finally finished reading your book “Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity”

I must say, Klaus I find it was very well written, extremely well researched, and well supported with current research literature. I was fascinated by the vast history of the plant and the variety of uses – some of which I will be trying personally.

I was delighted to read about your personal connection with Neem and how your journey has resulted in this valuable book. The chapter on the politics was of particular interest to me as it provided me with some insights on the broader structure that control access to health and health care resources from a different global perspective and from Dr, Shiva’s work.

The concern of global corporate explicition and control over natural substances, such as Neem, is presented in an easy way to understand manner in the politics chapter which helped me the reader to further understand the history and future of Neem presented in the following chapter.

I really think this work is exceptional, Klaus and I am very grateful to have been gifted with this book.

Thank you for sharing your work with me.



from Dr. Patricia Wolfe

Patricia Wolfe, ND, formerly co-founder & President of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, New Westminster, B.C., Canada,

Hello Klaus,

I have now finished reading your Neem book and wanted to congratulate you on a job well done! I very much enjoyed the book and found the personal stories particularly engaging and even inspiring.

But having the questioning scientific mind that I do, I also very much appreciated the many references to research, chemical analysis and documented use for Neem. Also congratulation on the glowing book review by Lorna Hancock and I hope it will help spread the word and bring you many sales!