My name is Klaus Ferlow, author, innovator of herbal formulas inclusive Ayurveda herbal neem formulas with no harmful ingredients, lecturer, writer, researcher and founder of FERLOW BOTANCIALS (1975), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,, Honorary Master Herbalist (HMH),, Herbal Advocate (HA), and NEEM RESEARCH, (2013), West Vancouver, B.C.

FERLOW BOTANICALS manufacturers herbal medicinal and personal care products inclusive a line of AYURVEDA herbal neem personal care products with no harmful ingredients and distributes them to holistic practitioners/clinics and selected stores across Canada and parts of USA since 1993.

I grew up with healing herbs in Northern Germany passed down knowledge from generation to generation and developed a passion about the benefits and healing power they offer to humankind.

After I retired in 2013 from our 100% Canadian owned & operated family business I passed on the torch to the next generation and our son Peter (he was with me from the beginning) and his wife Ruth are managing the business and I founded in the same year NEEM RESEARCH, Mission, B.C. (in the meantime I moved in 2018 to West Vancouver, B.C.) to protect and promote with passion the neem tree, this prestigious healing gift to humanity and promote my neem book.

It might interest you that I am still the only Canadian neem researcher, only Canadian author/publisher of a neem consumer book and Ferlow Botanicals is still the only Canadian manufacturer/distributor of Ayurveda herbal neem personal care products since 1994!

I am a member of the Health Action Network Society, Vancouver, B.C. and was also a board member for eight years, the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of B.C., Victoria, Ayurveda Association of Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, International Herb Association, Jacksonville, Florida, United Plant Savers, Rutland, Ohio, National Health Federation, Monrovia, California and the World Neem Organisation, Mumbai, India.

Since 1994 I am the only Canadian neem researchers and with over 25 years experience working with neem I published in 2015 my book “Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” available from amazon in paperback and as e-book, check: I collaborated with the two world renowned scientists, entomologists, neem experts and researchers Professor Dr. Heinrich Schmutterer, formerly with the Institute of Phytopathology and Applied Zoology, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany, editor of the book “THE NEEM TREE,” now retired and Dr. Ramesh Saxena, Chairman of the Neem Foundation, Mumbai, India and co-founding member of the World Neem Organisation, Mumbai. Both of them are also contributors to the book “Neem – A Tree For Solving Global Problems” published in 1992 by the Academy Press, Washington, D.C.

So far I have received 55 powerful positive testimonials from knowledgeable professionals about neem from Austria, Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Senegal, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America.

I authored eighty educational articles about health, healing, herbs, nutrition inclusive eleven articles about the miraculous versatile neem tree that have been published nationally, internationally and on line in English in these magazines and in Hindi at the Super Idea magazine in India and in Canada in the Hindi Journal.

My educational article #10 “NEEM THE HEALER” was published in one of the best known established health magazine in North America “HEALING our WORLD” volume 39, issue 1, spring 2019, belonging to the Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida on page 53 and on page 11 it says: Klaus Ferlow, HMH, HA is a lecturer and author of “Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity”. He had dedicated his life to studying the neem tree’s healing properties as founder of Ferlow Botanicals and of NEEM RESEARCH, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Here is the link to the article: The magazine is published quarterly with a circulation of 125.000 printed copies mailed to institutions, clinics, corporations, researchers, health and herbal associations in 132 countries!

My latest educational article “What is herbalism?” was published in the spring 2019 of the HEALTH FREEDOM NEWS belong to the National Health Federation, Monrovia, CA magazine, check:

Nationally: in health magazines and journals in the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Maritimes.

alive, Common Ground, Shared Vision, VISTA, Herbal Collective, Ok-in-Health, Health Action, The Natural Healer, Asian Journal, The New Agora, Drishti, AAJ, South Asian Woman and Issues magazine, Your Health (British Columbia Naturopathic Association), Valley Vigor, Every Women’s Journal, To Days Vancouver Woman, Today’s Senior, The Senior’s Choice, Wellness Networker, The Source, The Violet Ray, Synchronicity, The Intuitive Times, Vitality, Natural Health Report,Wholife, Health & Wellness Retailer, Rising Women, Healthy Horizons, Canadian natural health retailer, Vital Link (Canadian Association of Naturopathic doctors).

Internationally: you will find my educational articles on numerous websites and facebooks worldwide

USA: Health Freedom News, HEALING our WORLD, online:

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine

SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa Journal of Natural Medicine

UNITED KINGDOM: Positive Health – worldwide online only

Furthermore I have been a public speaker and lecturer in Canada and USA since 1995.


Abbotsford: Fraser Valley University, Health Alert Group, Arthritis Support Group, Learning Society, Cancer Support Group

Burnaby: SFU, Simon Fraser University, Health Action Network Society, Canadian Herbalist’s Association

Chilliwack: British Columbia Institute of Holistic Studies

Delta: British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists

Mission: Lifetime Learning Society

Nanaimo: Herbal Collective Health Fair

New Westminster: Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

Penticton: Holistic Healing Centre, Stratford Centre

Richmond: British Columbia Acupuncturist & TCM Practitioners Association

Sooke: Health Show

Victoria: Health Show, Holistic Aromatherapy


Calgary: Body Mind & Spirit Show


Regina: Healthy Horizons Health Show


Winnipeg; Ambrosia Apothecary


North York (Toronto): Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Grimsby: The Natural Healer Health Show


Portland, Oregon: National College of Natural Medicine (changed the name to University of Natural Medicine


TV interviews:

2012 the National Indian Television interviewed me while attending the 6th World Neem Conference, Nagpur and the interview was broadcast the next day twice on their English channel

2014 interview by the host Harpreet Singh, Joy TV studio, Surrey, B.C. for the South Asian community of over 500.000 in British Columbia, theme: THE MIRACULOUS VERSATILE MEDICINAL NEEM TREE”

2017 second interview by host Harpreet Singh, Joy TV studio, Surrey, B.C. for the South Asian community of over 500.000 in British Columbia, THEME: “NEEM: NATURE’S HEALING GIFT TO HUMANITY”

2018 podcast interview with host Mike Zaremba, Vancouver Real, Vancouver, B.C.

2019 third interview together with Dr. Arun Garg, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, Royal Columbia Hospital, New Westminster, B.C. by host Harpreet Singh, Joy TV studio, Surrey, BC. theme: NEEM THE HEALERS

Radio interviews:

2004 interview by host Peter Mayhew, Director of Advanced Education, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, host of the weekly program “Human Nature” of CHUM radio, Toronto and affiliated stations across Canada

2006 interview by host Peter Mayhew, Director of Advanced Education, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, host of the weekly program “Human Nature”, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, of CHUM radio, Toronto and affiliated stations across Canada

2013 interview by host Scott Tips, President of the National Health Federation, Monrovia, California, host of the TSN radio station, Dublin, Ireland

2017 interview by host Sushma Datt, owner Spice radio station 1200 AM, Burnaby, B.C.first and best known leading voice radio station for the South Asian community of over 500.000 in B.C.

2018 interview by host Sushma Datt, owner Spice radio station 1200 AM, Burnaby, B.C., first and best known leading voice radio station for the South Asian community of over 500.000 in B.C

2018 interview by host Ken McCarthy, Director of the Plant Wisdom Organization, Tivoli, New York, USA

2019 interview by host Sushma Datt, owner of Spice radio station 1200 AM, Burnaby, B.C. first and best known leading voice radio station for the South Asian community of over 500.000 in B.C.


I am one of the 14 core-founding neem researchers from Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, India, North America, Europe and The Middle East establishing in May 2017 the new WNO – World Neem Organisation, Mumbai, India. I represent North America, Germany, United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden. Our aim: to educate, market and promote the benefits and healing power of the miraculous versatile medicinal neem tree which is part of the oldest most successful botanical medical system in the world AYURVEDA with a history of over 5000 years from India. The neem tree also offers better plant, human, animal, and environmental health and create a NEEM WAVE under the banner “NEEM – THE EARTH’S SAVIOR!” More information can be obtained from the link:

The United Nations declared the neem tree as “the tree of the 21st century!”


As a speaker I attended the 6th World Neem Conference, November 21- 24, 2012 in Nagpur organized by the Neem Foundation, Mumbai, India and just recently the 1st WNO – Seminar/Conference “Neem – Eco Friendly Solution for Sustainable Development & 2nd Global neem conference, Dec. 3, 4, 2018 in Bangalore, India. After the show I was invited to visit four Indian neem manufacturers in Bangalore, flew to Pune and visited two more neem manufacturers in Satara and also a certified organic herb and fruit farm, very educational and interesting!

I have worked since 1958 in a variety of jobs in middle and top management in education, sales, marketing and promotion in German, Austrian, Swedish and Canadian companies and also founded my own companies and achieved the majority of my goals and my philosophy is:

“You can achieve anything you want in live if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a real plan, the will to see the plan to the end and to help others to achieve their dreams!”

Two of my other favorite quotes are:

“Health is not everything but without health everything is nothing. Dr. Bernard Jensen, PhD, Dc, ND, Clinical Nutritionist, Iridologist, author of 40 health books (1908 – 2001)

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” author unknown


I received the prestigious Award from the oldest North American Herbal School, Dominion Herbal College,Burnaby, B.C., founded 1926. The purpose and mission of the schools is to preserve and nurture the study of herbal medicine. In keeping with this spirit and tradition, Dominion Herbal College occasionally recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of herbal medicine by bestowing upon them an HONORARY MASTER HERBALIST DIPLOMA. On November 25, 2008 Dominion Herbal College was honoring Klaus Ferlow for his lifetime of dedication to the cause of herbal medicine as author, innovator, educator, manufacturer, promoter and defender of herbs and the practice of the art and science of herbal medicine. Klaus was introduced to herbs at a very early age in Europe (Germany), in somewhat the same manner as our former President Ella Birzneck. Klaus continues to study and makes use of the awesome healing of herbs. He is only the fourth recipient in our history! Dr. Judy Nelson, DC, ND, MG, Bsc, Vice President and Dean of herbal studies, Dominion Herbal College, 271 – 5489 Byrne Road, Burnaby, B.C., V5J 3J1, Tel. 604-433-1926, 1-888-342-1926,


I have known Klaus Ferlow for many years now, he is an excellent herbalist and had devoted many years to the study of herbalism, and has written extensively on the subject for a large number of magazines and publications. Klaus is one of those rare individuals who wares his passion for herbalism on his sleeves. Unlike many trained professional natural health care practitioner who purportedly are knowledgeable in herbal medicine, but in reality know very little outside what they are taught from books. Klaus lives, breathes, eats and exudes herbal lore; whether it is from knowledge passed down from his family in Germany, or hands-on picking herbs, working with them in formulations, or in his whole attitude, Klaus demonstrates a deep and abiding commitment to study of herbalism. Over the years, he exemplifies and personifies what it is to be a true herbalist, one who is well steeped in the secret of nature. Richard DeSylva, Registered Herbalist (RH), Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM), Specialist in Botanic Medicine, THE HERB WORKS, Rockwood, Ontario, Canada,

Dr. Arun Kumar Garg, MD, PhD, FRCPC

I have met Dr. Garg a few years ago, he is born in India and in front of the home of his parents in India a neem tree was growing. Sunita Kapoor from the South Asian Woman Magazine, Surrey, B.C. has published over the years many of my educational articles about health, healing, herbs, nutrition connected me with Dr. Garg and he has been very helpful in organizing lectures for me and radio interviews spreading the word of the benefits and healing power about the miraculous versatile medicinal neem tree and introduces me to the audience as “Dr. Neem” More information about him and his work can be obtained from: https://pathology.ubc/faculty/arun-garg


THE NEEM TREE, Professor Dr. Heinrich Schmutterer

The Secret Life of Plants, Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird

Plant Spirit Medicine, Eliot Cowan

Tree – A Life Story, David Suzuki, Wayne Grady

Das Geheimnis der Baeume, Peter Wohlleben

The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben (English Version)


Excerpt from Plant Wisdom: We still live in them – look at all the wood in your home. They hold down the soil, cool the earth, provide oxygen especially the leaf trees and keep the world from turning into a vast dessert and offer construction material. They feed and heal us too. Here is the story of the remarkable neem tree you might never have heard before that grows in tropical and sub-tropical countries, a evergreen tree belonging to the mahogany family, is drought tolerant, and is called in India “The Village Pharmacy.” I wrote the educational article “How important are trees?” which should be an eye-opener for many people. Growing-up country style in Northern Germany I fell in love as a child with trees, especially fruit trees and spend many time climbing in them and they became part of me!

HERE ARE SOME VERY INTERESTING EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES ABOUT THE NEEM TREE,,, (this is in my opinion the best link which is upgraded constantly),,,,,


I am thankful for the these persons for their ongoing support support which helped me in my career spreading the message around what this incredible neem tree has to offer to humankind:

My lovely wife and partner since 1964, my son Peter and his wife Ruth, my sister Elfie Kirste, Professor Dr. Heinrich Schmutterer, Dr. Ramesh C. Saxena, Dr. Joaquim Morgado, MD, David Schleich, PhD, Scott Tips, Dr. Neil McKinney, ND, Dr. Arun Kumar Garg, PhD, MD, FRCPC, Eve Hillary and Stephan & Elke Krueger!


Of all the plants that have proven to us throughout the ages, few have offered as much value and versatility as the unique remarkable neem tree. With growing research supporting its healing and beneficial properties, neem is finally getting the attention it deserves!. This miraculous versatile medicinal herb is truly an ancient cure for a modern world able to solve global problems!

In our quest for technological advancement, we have forgotten to learn from the practice of our forefathers. As a result, we have not been making good use of the centuries of knowledge and wisdom accumulated in the minds of people based on trials and errors of generations gone by. Thus, the new awakening in the people the world over, especially among scientists, to try to understand traditional customs, values and practices is a welcome change. We have made a good beginning with neem and have learned how good an example it provides of science learning from culture. A whole world of traditional knowledge awaits our objective scrutiny. LONG LIVE THE NEEM TREE!


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