from Miss Perine S. Fitter

Miss Perine S. Fitter, also called “Mama Neem”, Cherylesmore, United Kingdom

I have enjoyed reading your book which has touched various aspects of health. I strongly believe Neem is a tree to solve global problems. I have used Neem soap for the 20 years and promoted those products at all my Neem awareness functions. Used Neem twigs (two in one – tooth brush paste) ideal for maintaining healthy set of teeth. I have built-up immunity against Malaria for the last 20 years with the use of Neem leaf extract and chewing few Neem leaves for digestive disorder is ideal. I am eagerly looking forward to my trip to India to enable me to share your wonderful research on the Neem tree with the participants at the grassroots in villages. You will be remembered at all functions affiliated with NEEM MISSION IN INDIA. Yours in service on the EARTH.

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