Klaus Ferlow is the author of over 80 educational articles about health, healing, herbs, nutrition published in health & women’s magazines around the world in English and online, in Hindi, in India and Canada since 1995.

Here are articles from Klaus Ferlow about the miraculous versatile medicinal Neem tree from India:

Neem – The sacred tree of Ayurveda

Neem: Azadirchacta indica A. Juss – the tree of the 21st century

What are the benefits of Neem tea?

Neem – True Botanical Panacea

Psoriasis and Neem My own Personal Story

Neem Toothpaste – The Health Solution for Teeth and Gums

What you should know about Neem oil?

Neem – the tree of the 21st century

Neem: The Earth’s Savior

Neem Tree – Mother Nature’s Healing Gift to the World

What are the Benefits of Raw Neem Honey?

Neem and Anti-Aging


Furthermore you will find additional educational articles from Klaus Ferlow about health, healing, herbs and nutrition:

My educational article was published on the website of the Health Freedom News magazine belonging to the oldest North America Health Organization, the National Health Federation, Monrovia, Ca, USA

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Even Better Health / USA

What about Allergies or Intolerances?

Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt – A Gift from Mother Nature

Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) – Herb for Detoxification

Positive Health Online / UK

Articles by Klaus Ferlow

Ok in Health, Canada

How to Detoxify from Mercury Amalgam Fillings?

The Healing Power of Garlic

Cosmetics to Die For

Here you will find Part II of the selection of my articles … CLICK HERE NOW

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