from Dr. Joaquim Morgado

Dr. Joaquim Morgado, M.D., Matosinhos, Portugal, CEO & Scientific team leader,Nature Tech DWC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 4lab4you GmbH., Vienna, Austria, founding member of the WORLD NEEM ORGANIZATION, Mumbai, India, core-founding member of the WNO – World Neem Organisation, Mumbai, India – His biography can be seen here.

The Book“Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” reflects the whole spectrum of benefits of this miraculous medicinal versatile Neem tree from India. Every part of the tree is medicinal: bark, cake, flowers, leaves, oil, timber and roots. The information in the book is easy to read and understand and since it is promoted worldwide every person on the planet has the chance to be educated by reading the book about the benefits this incredible tree offers to mankind. No wonder that it is called in India “The Village Pharmacy.” An ancient medicine for a modern world.

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