from Barbara Jean Buckley

Barbara Jean Buckley, PhD, Health Researcher, Ethicist, Canada

Good Morning, Klaus,

I have finally finished reading your book “Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity”

I must say, Klaus I find it was very well written, extremely well researched, and well supported with current research literature. I was fascinated by the vast history of the plant and the variety of uses – some of which I will be trying personally.

I was delighted to read about your personal connection with Neem and how your journey has resulted in this valuable book. The chapter on the politics was of particular interest to me as it provided me with some insights on the broader structure that control access to health and health care resources from a different global perspective and from Dr, Shiva’s work.

The concern of global corporate explicition and control over natural substances, such as Neem, is presented in an easy way to understand manner in the politics chapter which helped me the reader to further understand the history and future of Neem presented in the following chapter.

I really think this work is exceptional, Klaus and I am very grateful to have been gifted with this book.

Thank you for sharing your work with me.



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