from Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii

Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii, PhD, ND, FICCN,  Munbai, India, core-founding member & Secretary General of the WNO – World Neem Organisation, Mumbai, Indiaorganizer of the Neem Wave Exhibition LLP, owner Neem Skin Clinic, Chairperson, Board of Advidors, Neem Foundation, Bombay (Mumbai), India – Information about Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii check here

The book ” NEEM – NATURE’S HEALING GIFT TO HUMANITY” in totality is an excellent book. The author Mr Klaus Ferlow a Master Herbalist and a great Neem enthusiast , Neem lover , a Neem supporter and a Neem worker. Mr Klaus this book of yours is very well compiled and written. Multifaceted qualities of Neem has been highlighted in the book. The best true story which I liked from this book is of Elke & Stephan Kruegers and their “Plan – Verde.” Hats off to them. All the best for second edition. Hope to learn much more from it too.

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