from Dr. Anthony Rees

Dr. Anthony Rees, ND, Dip.HerbMed, Post Chairman of the South African Herbalists and Naturopaths Association, Secretary-General of the Traditional & Natural Health Alliance, Vlaeberg, South Africa

This book provides health practitioners and laymen with the confidence to begin safely integrating Neem into their practices and home medicine chest, playing a small yet vitally important part turning an already changing tide of medicine in a direction that includes a patient-centered, integrative approach and that respects the healing power of nature and most important, patient choice.

Klaus Ferlow, a studious explorer, has set a benchmark for presenting facts about the Neem tree and its traditional and modern evidence-based uses. The book provides a clear understanding of the historical importance of this magnificent tree to the indigenous people of India, and now the rest of the world.

I strongly recommend “Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” to anyone who is devoted to preventing, healing, or recovering from the many ailments which can be reversed with this powerful herbal medicine.

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