from Doctor Sandra Goodman

Doctor Sandra Goodman, Editor, author & Co-founder Positive Health PH Online, Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom

“Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity by Klaus Ferlow is an engaging, passionate yet uniquely authorative compendium of Neem’s myriad of properties and gifts to nature and humanity.

A qualified herbalist and concerned environmentalist, author discovered Neem’s effectiveness when it cured his long-term psoriasis; he then went on to formulate effective and environmental friendly products and campaigned for Neem’s introduction, deforestation and protection worldwide. The book uniquely combines, personal, political, botanical and ethnographic information about Neem, comprehensive list of Neem manufacturers, distributors, importer/exporters as well as references to the scientific literature and as such will be treasured by consumers, herbalists, botanists and environmentalists alike.

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