Book review Marilyn Zink

Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity

By Marilyn Zink, publisher, editor Herbal Collective Magazine, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Desperate for a solution to a psoriasis condition that plagued him since childhood, master herbalist Klaus Ferlow became inspired to try a cream from the Neem tree.

That cream was the exact solution he was looking for and it inspired him to write the book Neem, Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity.
The book is easy to read starting with a chronological journey of Ferlow’s background, how he started Ferlow Botanicals and on the Neem trail and how the tree is seen and used worldwide.
The next section goes into Neem’s wide use as an effective herb on many skin conditions as well as its use for dental care, diabetes, diarrhea, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Malaria and liver function.

Readers are also guided to find a practitioner knowledgeable in Neem. The third section of the book goes through the science of Neem, the politics, history and future as well as a study of the Neem tree, Neem resources and organizations.

The science of Neem goes into an in-depth breakdown of the nutritional composition, anti-oxidant compounds and how the tree stacks up on the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, ORAC scale.

The bark alone comes in at 476 compared to cranberry which is 94 on the ORAC scale. The next chapter is devoted to the Neem oil which is derived from pressing the seed kernels. As one goes through the book, the reader will see that each chapter leads to a deeper understanding of this miraculous tree.

Nowhere is this more apparent than the chapter on the politics of Neem, where multi-nationals have determined to get patents on Neem while equally determined individuals and groups fought to restrict them.

This leads to the chapter on the history and future of Neem, where Klaus states “over the centuries, the Neem tree has gone from serving as the village pharmacy to being the world’s panacea.”

Millions of Neem trees have been planted as the answer to developing world’s many crisis of overpopulation, unsustainable use of natural resources, poverty, unemployment and pollution.

In the Neem tree study, the tree extends to many countries; Australia and the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and South China, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.
The huge listing of Neem resources and organizations as well as extensive references show how thorough Ferlow has been in providing accurate information on Neem.
This book is one that the lay person and experts will both appreciate and use.
Neem, Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity, is available on Amazon and on the website
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