from Valerie & Ken Sapiak

Valerie & Ken Sapiak, East St. Paul, Manitoba, Canada

I am so thankful for the samples of Neem tree cream you gave me 14 years ago for my son’s eczema. We had tried everything we could find to help his severe eczema nothing was working for him; he was 7 years old at the time. We used the Neem cream for 3 days. The difference in that short time was unbelievable and he didn’t complaint about putting it on, because so many other products would burn his skin when we applied. Shaun has used the Neem cream for 14 years and his condition is always under control with the Neem cream.

Our daughter has had great success with the cream as well for her psoriasis on her elbows and she uses the Neem shampoo and conditioner for the psoriasis in her scalp and she has also used the Neem soap for acne as well as the cream on her face.

We have all used this wonderful product for burns, dry skin, cuts, insect bites, cracked heals acne and many more other skin conditions. We do not go ANYWHERE without the Neem tree cream.

Our new addition to our family 3 month old granddaughter is already using the Neem cream .We know it has no parabens.

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