from Professor Steven Ley

Professor Steven Ley, CBE, FRS, F.Med Sci, Professor of Chemistry, Director of Research, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I was delighted to receive a copy of the second edition of your book “Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity.” This thoughtful book on Neem and its therapeutic benefits is written with true passion and commitment to this magical tree. It is well researched and contains a plethora of useful and interesting information and constitutes a unique collection of references which I found very helpful.

from Birgit Bradtke

Birgit Bradtke, Neem enthusiast & researcher, formerly with WA Kununurra, Australia, now Langkampfen, Austria,

For anyone curious about neem and its many uses, Klaus Ferlow’s book “Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” is the best place to start. They will probably finish here as well, as I am confident this book will answer any and all questions they may have. Klaus leads with the eminently readable story of his own struggle with psoriasis, how he finally overcame the condition with the help of neem, and how that led him to become the first producer and marketer of neem products in the Western world. Concurrently he has been curious about and researching all things neem ever since and he is generously sharing his discoveries in part 2 and 3 of the book. Part 2 contains a concise guide to the many uses of neem for a great variety of skin and other health conditions, whereas part 3 digs into the science and research behind this seemingly miraculous plant. This is followed by detailed information about the controversies surrounding patents on various neem extraction and production methods and a look into the future of neem. People contemplating growing neem trees, be it privately or commercially, will appreciate the inclusion of  the full text of Dr. Ramesh Saxena’s study (The Neem Tree: Its Geographic Distribution, Plantation Characteristics, Growth and Yield, Genetic Variation, and Associated Pests and Diseases). And anybody who wants to dig deeper into any of the covered topics will greatly appreciate the impressive collection of neem resources at the back of the book: 58 (!) pages of neem manufacturers, distributers, importers & exporters as well as research and other organizations worldwide, all organized by location.

All in all an impressively comprehensive yet easy to read reference manual that I hope will spread the word about neem to the many who could benefit from this versatile plant. Which would be everyone!

from Gunter Hartung

Gunter Hartung, Journalist, Hanover, Germany

“Finally, a book on the neem tree which answers all important questions. Using details and examples, Klaus Ferlow describes and characterizes the neem exactly as it is, namely a ‘savior.’The book’s contents, above all the chapter on the ‘Plan Verde’ project in northern Peru, raises the question of why governments and regional authorities have so far apparently failed to recognize the neem tree’s potential.Hopefully this book will help open the eyes of the authorities and their representatives. Hopefully it will reveal to them this tree’s countless positive environmental and economic advantages.”

“Endlich ein Werk über Neem, das alle wesentlichen Fragen beantwortet. Klaus Ferlow hat, detailliert und beispielhaft, den Neembaum als das beschrieben und charakterisiert, was er in Wirklichkeit ist: ein “Heilbringer.” Der Text und vor allem das Kapital rund um das Projekt “Plan Verde” im Norden Perus wirft die Frage auf, warum Regierungen und regionale Verwaltungen das Potential, das im Neembaum steckt, bisher offenbar nicht erkannt haben. Das Buch möge also helfen, auch Behördenvertretern die Augen zu öffnen und sie die zahlreichen positiven ökologischen und  wirtschaftlichen Aspekte erkennen zu lassen.”

from Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii

Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii, organizer of the Neem Wave Exhibition LLP, owner Neem Skin Clinic, Chairperson, Board of Advidors, Neem Foundation, Bombay (Mumbai), India – Information about Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii check here

The book ” NEEM – NATURE’S HEALING GIFT TO HUMANITY” in totality is an excellent book. The author Mr Klaus Ferlow a Master Herbalist and a great Neem enthusiast , Neem lover , a Neem supporter and a Neem worker. Mr Klaus this book of yours is very well compiled and written. Multifaceted qualities of Neem has been highlighted in the book. The best true story which I liked from this book is of Elke & Stephan Kruegers and their “Plan – Verde.” Hats off to them. All the best for second edition. Hope to learn much more from it too.

from Paulina Nelega

Paulina Nelega, Registered Clinical Herbalist (RH), Natural Products Consultant, Professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and Canadian Herbalist’s Association of B.C.,Vancouver, Canada.

Klaus Ferlow`s book “Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” is an excellent and timely book at one of the most beneficial healing plants on our planet. Klaus’s longstanding passion and respect for the Neem tree is evident throughout. As is the in-depth knowledge he has amassed from over two decades of study on it. I am grateful for the expertise that Klaus has shared with us.

from Lorna Hancock

Lorna Hancock, BA, Executive Director and co-founder, Health Action Network Society, Vancouver, BC. Canada

This book is heart-warming to read.  It’s like a personal story filled with good will and very nice people, like the Krueger’s who see the Neem tree as a potential economic boost to the good people in Piura, Peru.  I love stories of dedication like theirs.  Struggles, adversity, leading to real and important solutions for suffering cultures.

from Dr. Terry Willard

Dr. Terry Willard, PhD., CIH, Director of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, Courtenay, B.C., Canada and author of 12 books of Botanical Medicine

Finally a comprehensive book on Neem from a well respected researcher. Klaus has given us a complete review of this wonderful herb from the most important point of view of all – a functioning herbalist. This work shows the long hours he has spent with its intimate details.

A great contribution!