from Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii

Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii, organizer of the Neem Wave Exhibition LLP, owner Neem Skin Clinic, Chairperson, Board of Advidors, Neem Foundation, Bombay (Mumbai), India – Information about Dr. Nirrmala Kotharii check here

The book ” NEEM – NATURE’S HEALING GIFT TO HUMANITY” in totality is an excellent book. The author Mr Klaus Ferlow a Master Herbalist and a great Neem enthusiast , Neem lover , a Neem supporter and a Neem worker. Mr Klaus this book of yours is very well compiled and written. Multifaceted qualities of Neem has been highlighted in the book. The best true story which I liked from this book is of Elke & Stephan Kruegers and their “Plan – Verde.” Hats off to them. All the best for second edition. Hope to learn much more from it too.

from Paulina Nelega

Paulina Nelega, Registered Clinical Herbalist (RH), Natural Products Consultant, Professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and Canadian Herbalist’s Association of B.C.,Vancouver, Canada.

Klaus Ferlow`s book “Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” is an excellent and timely book at one of the most beneficial healing plants on our planet. Klaus’s longstanding passion and respect for the Neem tree is evident throughout. As is the in-depth knowledge he has amassed from over two decades of study on it. I am grateful for the expertise that Klaus has shared with us.

from Lorna Hancock

Lorna Hancock, BA, Executive Director and co-founder, Health Action Network Society, Vancouver, BC. Canada

This book is heart-warming to read.  It’s like a personal story filled with good will and very nice people, like the Krueger’s who see the Neem tree as a potential economic boost to the good people in Piura, Peru.  I love stories of dedication like theirs.  Struggles, adversity, leading to real and important solutions for suffering cultures.

from Dr. Terry Willard

Dr. Terry Willard, PhD., CIH, Director of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, Courtenay, B.C., Canada and author of 12 books of Botanical Medicine

Finally a comprehensive book on Neem from a well respected researcher. Klaus has given us a complete review of this wonderful herb from the most important point of view of all – a functioning herbalist. This work shows the long hours he has spent with its intimate details.

A great contribution!

from Brian & Carol Williams

Brian & Carol Williams, Directors & Founders, NEEMING AUSTRALIA PTV LTD, Ashmore, Queensland, Australia

A very well written book documenting much detailed data regarding this miraculous tree. It is a must read for all who are interested in Neem whether their interest lies in agriculture, health & beauty or animal husbandry. The author is very passionate about Neem and these shows very clearly in this excellent publication.

from Ravi Sahay

Ravi Sahay, Project Wellbeing, author of the book “My Health is Your Wealth”, Escondido, California, USA

This book is a great testimony to the glory of Neem, a priceless tree. Klaus shares his research and insights powerfully for the benefits of humanity in his book.

Well Done!

from Miss Perine S. Fitter

Miss Perine S. Fitter, also called “Mama Neem”, Cherylesmore, United Kingdom

I have enjoyed reading your book which has touched various aspects of health. I strongly believe Neem is a tree to solve global problems. I have used Neem soap for the 20 years and promoted those products at all my Neem awareness functions. Used Neem twigs (two in one – tooth brush paste) ideal for maintaining healthy set of teeth. I have built-up immunity against Malaria for the last 20 years with the use of Neem leaf extract and chewing few Neem leaves for digestive disorder is ideal. I am eagerly looking forward to my trip to India to enable me to share your wonderful research on the Neem tree with the participants at the grassroots in villages. You will be remembered at all functions affiliated with NEEM MISSION IN INDIA. Yours in service on the EARTH.