from Dr. Robert Verkerk

Dr. Robert Verkerk, PhD, Surrey, United Kingdom, Founder Alliance for Natural Health International 

In a world in which ever larger numbers of people are recognizing the limitations of new-to-nature, highly targeted pharmaceuticals, multi-target botanicals are increasingly embraced. But even in nature’s treasure trove, Neem has few rivals. I struggle to think of anyone better qualified than Klaus Ferlow to present the case for Neem as a botanical panacea for today’s health challenges.

from Nick & Daphne Degregory-Miaoulis

Nick Miaoulis & Daphne Degregory-Miaoulis, owner/manager ABACO NEEM, Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas

Klaus Ferlow “Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity”

Our new friend Klaus Ferlow truly understands that Neem helps the body to heal.

He is a self-made man with in-depth knowledge and passion for natural healing. His spirit is welcomed seeking the good life for health and spirituality. He is driven, due to his personal experience, to educate the public about the many benefits of Neem for human healthcare, pets, and environment.

We believe that writing “Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” has been a journey that has led to Klaus’s true purpose. He writes as he speaks clearly with great detail. Klaus Ferlow is a wonderful example of an individual taking responsibility for his health with passion and faith. He has truly dedicated his life helping mankind through sharing his many hours of research of Neem as a tree that offers many health benefits.

from Dr. Judy Nelson

Dr. Judy Nelson, DC, ND, MH, Vice President Dean of Herbal Studies, Dominion Herbal College, oldest School of Herbal Medicine in North America, established 1926,  Burnaby, B.C., Canada

“Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” – Klaus introduces the reader to Neem through his own personal healing experience. He then captivates us as he takes one along on his discovery and journey with the Neem tree worldwide.

It is well documented and researched into all aspects of the uses and healing of Neem. Indeed one can agree that Neem is truly nature’s healing gift to humanity.

from Neelam Toprani

Neelam Toprani, formulator of Sewanti Ayurvedic Series, President & CEO Padmashri Naturals Inc.., Vancouver, B.C.

Klaus who has over 24 years of experience in the field of natural health products, offers a valuable guide for health practitioners from Western herbalists, Ayurvedic medicine practitioners and general public, interested in the research and evidence supporting Neem herb. As a researcher in Ayurvedic medicine, I personally feel that this book will help promote the wisdom of Ayurveda to Westerners.

The book is a comprehensive text providing information on the usefulness of Neem herb in various remedies as well as ecological benefits. Klaus has shared his personal experiences, photos and reviews from Neem experts around the world.  Writing in a delightfully personal and down-home style, this book will appeal to those interested to find their own healing journey.

Klaus emphasizes the point that Neem is truly most popular therapeutic plant in the world and the book concludes with an indispensable directory of Neem suppliers, Psoriasis support organization and Neem Organizations around the world.

from Vicki Parsons

Vicki Parsons, Neem Tree Farms, Brandon, Florida, USA.

The first comprehensive book on Neem in nearly 20 years covers the latest research from a personal perspective by an author who has been formulating Neem products since 1994. A fabulous resource for anyone thinking about trying or growing Neem including an outstanding list of international growers and manufacturers.

from Plan Verde e.V.

Elke & Stephan Krüger, Plan Verde e.V. (registered society), Piura, Peru and Hanover, Germany Information about Plan Verde check here 

“Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity”. With this book, Klaus Ferlow has created a profound and comprehensive work, one which should be a handbook in every household. This book, with its vivid descriptions of Klaus’ own experiences, illustrates the Neem tree’s significance for health, and is eminently readable, even for the lay person. It helps every reader find his or her stake in better health. A wealth of medicinal plants are suitable for very different purposes and applications. But none have fascinated us more deeply than the Neem tree, a truly multi-talented medicinal plant. Thank you so much for this excellent book!

Neem – Die Kraft der Natur
Klaus Ferlow hat mit diesem Buch ein fundiertes und umfassendes Werk geschaffen, das in jedem Haushalt einen festen Platz einnehmen sollte. Mit sehr anschaulich dargestellten eigenen Erfahrungen, was der Neembaum für die Gesundheit bedeutet, ist dieses Buch auch für den Laien mit einer erfrischenden Leichtigkeit zu lesen. Es hilft jedem Leser seinen Anteil für eine bessere Gesundheit zu finden. Eine Fülle von Heilpflanzen sind für ganz unterschiedliche Zwecke und Anwendungen geeignet. Aber keine hat uns so fasziniert wie der Neembaum, der ein wahres Multitalent ist.
Herzlichen Dank für dieses großartige Buch.

I am supporting the “Neem Pilot Project with Heart, Piura, Peru“of my German friends, Elke & Stephan Krüger in my book “Neem: Natures Healing Gift to Humanity” by writing a chapter with the title “The Tree that heals Nations.

They started in 2009 an ambitious plan at a time they hardly knew where to start since they were only two people with a shoestring budget. It is amazing what two people with passion can achieve since their goal was helping Peruvians helping themselves! In the meantime they both have planted in the Piura region in northern Peru close to the Ecuadorian border over 250.000 Neem trees. More detailed information you find in my book!

Klaus Ferlow, Author

from Dr. med. Hans-Karl Wrede

Dr. med. Hans-Karl Wrede, Hennstedt, Province Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

This book gives an excellent historical overview which is enriched by the author’s personal experience. The fact that western medicine did not incorporate this holy tree form India until so much later is almost incomprehensible! Its bark, seeds and leaves are all used for healing. The active ingredients such as alkaloids, oils, tannins, azadirachtin, etc. are effective in the treatment of insects, worm infestations, skin disorder, fever etc. This fact makes the neem tree the most important source for Indian medicine and homeopathy. Hopefully many generations will benefit from this tree. The book by Klaus Ferlow must really be made accessible to a much wider audience.

Dieses Buch gibt einen guten historischen Überblick, angereichert mit persönlichen Erfahrungen des Autors, das dieser heilige Baum aus Indien erst so spät den Einzug in die europäische Medizin hatte, kann man kaum verstehen. Rinde, Samen und Blätter werden für Heilungen angewandt. Die Wirkstoffe wie Alkaloide (Paraisin), Öle, Gerbstoffe, Azadirchatin usw. wirken bei der Behandlung von Insekten, Wurmbefall, Hauterkrankungen, Fieber usw. und machen den Neembaum zur wichtigsten Quelle der indischen Medizin und Homöopathie. Hoffentlich werden noch viele Generationen von diesem Baum profitieren und das Buch von Klaus Ferlow sollte einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zugängig gemacht werden.