from Jess Dray

Jess Dray, Mettawa, Illinois, USA, beekeeper and Aromatherapist

Klaus Ferlow’s book “Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” is the result of a intelligent persons life journey of healing by being open to handed-down practice using what nature provides us, namely herbs and plants to strengthen health..

As often is the case to new learning, personal health challenges lead those dedicated enough, to discover solutions which God provided us in the form of natural herbs and plants. The well written story is a peek into Mr. Ferlow’s research of one particular plant substance which he discovered out of a need to overcome a personal health challenge, psoriasis.

The book is a fast and interesting read on the many attributes of he Neem  tree and its many health benefits for the skin and other uses such as agriculture. It is chock full of useful references to Neem sources and organizations.

I recommend this book to all who are interested in growing their knowledge of using God’s medicine-chest of herbs and plants…Neem oil is one substance you should include in your personal use or practice.

from Praveen Jaipuria

Praveen Jaipuria, Jt Managing Director, Agro Extracts Limited & Executive Director PJ Margo Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India

It is very informative and covers all aspects of the benefits of Neem on human health. The quality of the printing is also very good. My complements on your effort in putting all this together.

from Dr. Doudou D. Faye

Dr. Doudou D. Faye, Entomologist/Agronomist, Founder, President Africa Bound Corporation, Senegal Neem Foundation, Cedar Creek, Texas, USA and Dakar, Senegal, West Africa

The Neem tree is truly the library and depository of plentiful benefits to mankind. As such, elegies and testimonials shower this unique natural resource with praises. Neem, Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity comes as eloquent redundancy, adding more bricks to the Neem’s edifice. Mr. Ferlow’s work shows deep personal insights, global overview and an inexhaustible source of new resources and references to refresh and reconnect humanity bound by a tree with deep and outreaching roots: Neem. Thank you for your contribution!

from Dr. Grace Ormstein

Dr. Grace Ormstein, M.D., PhD., CTN, Scientific herbal advisor, The Himalayan Drug Company, Sugar Land, TX, USA

Klaus Ferlow did an excellent presentation of introducing Neem for us not only from the traditional knowledge and usage but also based on science.

This book is a valuable guide to understanding Neem, and contains extensive reference section. Neem is a fascinating book I would consider having it as a wonderful addition to my collection of books on herbs.

from Dipl.-Kfm., Jens Berghaeuser

Dipl.-Kfm., Jens Berghaeuser, Trifolio-M GmH, Lahnau, Germany

Klaus Ferlow’s book “Neem – Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity – is dedicated to one of the most important natural substances. Neem is a real healing gift from the nature, but R & D is just at the beginning. The fantastic tree provides us to many opportunities for the future and Mr. Ferlow lists almost all of them in his book. That’s not all. He shows a lot of people and organizations who are involved with Neem someway. I recommend his book to all who are interested in a good overview of the useful healing applications of the Neem and especially to those who want to find contacts of people and organizations close to this great gift of nature.

What impressed much is the great overview of possibilities and organizations involved in Neem. I think you are very well connected. We as a company see the growing interest in Neem and are keen to be part of the increasing importance of it.

from Dr. Rini Sen

Dr. Rini Sen, DAAD Fellow, Germany, former director of Amity Institute of Neem production, research and studies, Amity University, Noida, India

Klaus Ferlow’s book is a true sense and extraordinary piece of work on the benefits of the versatile tree called Neem. The author also reveals deep knowledge and understanding of various potentials of Neem’s benefits to agriculture, health, cosmetics and for the protection of environment. He has done a marvelous job of putting Neem’s benefits on the Global Stage.

from Mikko Phyhaelae

Mikko Phyhaelae, Mariankatur, Finland, former Ambassador, science writer and Neem enthusiast

Neem by Klaus Ferlow is an excellent introduction to the many benefits of the Neem tree and many products based on it. In my opinion, Neem can help protect world food production when pesticides and genetic engineering fail.

My own family has been using Neem based medicines and hygiene products since we lived in India in the ’80s. I have promoted Neem awareness through my work in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and now in Finland in retirement.