from Brian & Carol Williams

Brian & Carol Williams, Directors & Founders, NEEMING AUSTRALIA PTV LTD, Ashmore, Queensland, Australia

A very well written book documenting much detailed data regarding this miraculous tree. It is a must read for all who are interested in Neem whether their interest lies in agriculture, health & beauty or animal husbandry. The author is very passionate about Neem and these shows very clearly in this excellent publication.

from Ravi Sahay

Ravi Sahay, Project Wellbeing, author of the book “My Health is Your Wealth”, Escondido, California, USA

This book is a great testimony to the glory of Neem, a priceless tree. Klaus shares his research and insights powerfully for the benefits of humanity in his book.

Well Done!

from Miss Perine S. Fitter

Miss Perine S. Fitter, also called “Mama Neem”, Cherylesmore, United Kingdom

I have enjoyed reading your book which has touched various aspects of health. I strongly believe Neem is a tree to solve global problems. I have used Neem soap for the 20 years and promoted those products at all my Neem awareness functions. Used Neem twigs (two in one – tooth brush paste) ideal for maintaining healthy set of teeth. I have built-up immunity against Malaria for the last 20 years with the use of Neem leaf extract and chewing few Neem leaves for digestive disorder is ideal. I am eagerly looking forward to my trip to India to enable me to share your wonderful research on the Neem tree with the participants at the grassroots in villages. You will be remembered at all functions affiliated with NEEM MISSION IN INDIA. Yours in service on the EARTH.

from Professor Dr. Ludwig Max Fischer

Professor Dr. Ludwig Max Fischer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The importance of ecological, sustainable agriculture for our future cannot be overstated. The role of the Neem tree to provide real solutions for food, health and soil issues we are facing may be central and crucial. Klaus Ferlow wrote a highly informative and useful book about the natural gift to humanity. Thoroughly researched and passionately presented this book is an indispensable companion for everyone serious about pursuing personal optimal health and interested in solving the problems of pesticides in today’s food production. Especially valuable are the extensive sections on companies, organizations and resources dealing with this miracle plant. Highly recommended!

from Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder & President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, Umbrella organization of Amity Universities, Educational and Research Foundation, Noida, Chairman AKC Group of companies, New Delhi, India

Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” is the book of the century! Get a large number of books during the year but I would say that it is the best book in my hands. I myself use everyday Neem in a big way and the medical experts and doctors are astonished what all I have achieved through Neem. The Neem has the miraculous ability and power to heal anything and everything. Your contribution would be remembered for millenniums.

from John H. Biggs

John H. Biggs, Bsc, NCP, OHP, Optimum Health Vitamins, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

In an entertaining style, Klaus not only takes us into the world of Neem….its myriad of uses, and how we can use it to help ourselves and others…but he provides a unique perspective on hope for humanity, and larger issues that affect the planet. An interesting, thought-provoking and engaging read!

from Dr. Anthony Rees

Dr. Anthony Rees, ND, Dip.HerbMed, Post Chairman of the South African Herbalists and Naturopaths Association, Secretary-General of the Traditional & Natural Health Alliance, Vlaeberg, South Africa

This book provides health practitioners and laymen with the confidence to begin safely integrating Neem into their practices and home medicine chest, playing a small yet vitally important part turning an already changing tide of medicine in a direction that includes a patient-centered, integrative approach and that respects the healing power of nature and most important, patient choice.

Klaus Ferlow, a studious explorer, has set a benchmark for presenting facts about the Neem tree and its traditional and modern evidence-based uses. The book provides a clear understanding of the historical importance of this magnificent tree to the indigenous people of India, and now the rest of the world.

I strongly recommend “Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity” to anyone who is devoted to preventing, healing, or recovering from the many ailments which can be reversed with this powerful herbal medicine.